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N.O. Paws Left Behind is here today because of our founder

Carrol Richards.

Carrol saw the need in Okanogan County for a place that would take in the stray and abandoned dogs and felt she had the space and time to help some.  It started out small with just Carrol doing everything 

It was exhausting heart wrenching work but she didn't give up.


Eventually volunteers came along and now we have grown to be a big wonderful family of dog loving volunteers and able to help so many more. Our dogs are loved and given everything they need to be healthy and happy. We do our best to get them into loving homes as soon as we possibly can.  Some dogs need to stay longer to help them overcome some baggage that they came with but with love and patience they are turned around. 


We now have 3 large outdoor runs and 2 heated building as well as the house where the little dogs go.  The house dogs even get to sleep in bed with Carrol.  Sometimes there is not much room for her! 

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